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The Orient conjures visions of romance, mystery, grandeur, and a sense of timelessness and languorousness. It is thus not surprising that tourists from all over the world flock to places like Tehran and Baghdad, lured by their myriad charms. However, those intending to travel to these regions need to enlist the services of a knowledgeable travel agent who is familiar with the region and can make the arrangements. Are you on the lookout for such a travel agent? Central London-located IKB Travel has got an overwhelming nod from even the most discerning traveler; why donít you seek their services?

Tehran has loads to offer to beguile a visitor. Flights to Tehran are jam-packed with tourists hopping over to this ancient land to experience a slice of history, a taste of its colorful bazaars, and marvel at one of the largest collections of gems and jewels in the world housed at the National Jewels Treasury. On the other hand, the word has got around that peace is once more reigning in Iraq. So avid globetrotters have set their eyes on Baghdad and are boarding flights to Baghdad in droves to explore the tourist hotspots abounding this region. The seat of an ancient civilization, Baghdad nurtures numerous historical and archaeological sites offering an intriguing glimpse into a rich past. The government of Iraq is pumping in millions of dollars to develop tourism infrastructure and it is predicted that about 700 new hotels will open here by the end of 2014. Baghdad is well on its way to becoming the GenNext tourist destination.

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It is not only the sights and sounds of a place that go on to make a perfect holiday but also how comfortable the accommodation options are. It is difficult, if not impossible, to zero in on an accommodation option that suits both your preference and budget in an unknown place. Ensure that your holiday arrangements are silken smooth by enlisting the services of a renowned tarvel agent like IKB. When scouring for a travel agent, London-based IKB Travel will book your stay at some of the best hotels of the region.

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